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The final mystery is oneself.  -  Oscar Wilde


Welcome to Mysteria Tarot!

I hope you will enjoy your journey to this site. I've been doing tarot card readings for about thirty years, and one of my interests in the past decade has been the different methods and layouts people use with the cards.

I offer one of the larger selections of tarot spreads for my readings, and you can choose from more than 120 Tarot spreads, all sorted by theme. One of the more unique things offered are about sixty types of tarot readings that deal with problem solving, and about thirty that deal specifically with all forms of relationships. 

I specialize in extremely deep and thorough readings, and nearly all of the spreads have been modified through many hours of reworking them for offering extremely clear meanings in my readings.

My aim has been to offer people some tools for positive change and understanding, so that one day the uncertainity and mysteries of life are tools for adding value to our life, rather than stumbling blocks.  My readings aspire for depth, thoughtfulness, clarity and understanding.

There is a lot of material here to browse through, i hope you find it interesting.


"Everything is a mystery, ourselves, and all things both simple and humble."
Giorgio Morandi

[Morandi was a famous Italian painter after the First World War, and interestingly enough his paintings were featured in the modern Art films of the 1960s, like Fellini's La Dolce Vita, and Michelangelo Antonioni's La Notte, both films with the actor Marcello Mastroianni. Two of Morandi's paintings were chosen by Barack Obama in 2009 and are now part of the White House collection. Morandi's most famous quote was - 'Nothing is more abstract than reality'.]


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And my warmest thanks to all, who truly appreciated my card readings, thanked me for my help, or just enjoyed looking at my site. Thank You

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